Academic Support

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CASA offers the academic support services and resources you need to do your best academically. Visit us and learn more.



Core Review

Core Review is an academic support program that offers peer-led study sessions for all students to discuss challenging concepts, share study and test-taking strategies, and collaborate with peers to better understand difficult content.

Faculty In CASA

We believe faculty and staff should work collaboratively to assist our students. The Faculty in CASA program breaks down traditional and structural barriers with faculty and students inhabiting a mutually shared commons. Each semester, four professors host the entirety of their required faculty hours within the CASA office. While in the office, faculty may assist their students, provide guidance and support and even tutoring. 

CASA Tutoring

This free service is an invaluable experience for first-year and upper-class students. Our tutors are proficient in all core classes and multiple upper level courses including Thermodynamics, Fluids, and more.

Bounce Back

Bounce Back is a semester long course that gives students a concentrated academic coaching experience, providing structure, resources, accountability, and caring support to help each student achieve their goals

Academic Coaching

CASA staff work to individually support students by addressing their individual need(s). Often this academic coaching work includes:

  • test-preparationٱ𳦳Ծܱ
  • test-taking
  • study guide development
  • key conceptԳپھپDz
  • note-takingܱ
  • Իmuch more


Find helpful information on:

  • Time Management & Productivity
  • Study and Test Prep
  • Goal Setting
  • Focus and Procrastination
  • Managing your time on the internet
  • Academic Wellness


ADA Accessibility: CASA’s new location in Aspen Hall, 1869 W. Campus Rd., is not ADA accessible. If you require ADA accessibility, we are happy to work with you! Please consider scheduling an online appointment or e-mailing 48 hours in advance to set up an appointment in a common ADA accessible area on campus.